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Representative Matters


The Alford Law Firm, PLLC is a local, Dallas, Texas law firm with 30+ years of experience, representing small to medium sized businesses with their litigation and other commercial law needs. 

Here are a few examples of the cases we've represented over the years:

  • Handling the sale of a Membership Interest in a $500,000 healthcare facility, including lease negotiations and lien issues as well as resignation of corporate officers and Board Resolutions.

  • Handled the sale of a $600,000 healthcare facility, including construction, lease and lien issues.

  • Defended a corporation sued for in excess of $1,000,000 in Dallas District Court over construction issues.

  • Represented a Dallas area real estate investor in a $20,000,000 divorce action involving significant real estate and commercial issues.

  • Represented the owner of a $14,000,000 facility under construction, including extensive negotiations with the contractor and handled significant lien issues.

  • Represented the wife in a $7,000,000 divorce action involving real estate and significant commercial activities.

  • Defended a prominent Dallas real estate investor in a $650,000 commercial dispute.

  • Represented a Department Head at a major local hospital in a multi-million dollar estate planning matter.

  • Represented a Dallas developer in a multi-million dollar lawsuit involving a franchise.

  • Represented a major health care facility operator/owner in a lawsuit involving significant transactional value.

  • Formed a Texas LLC for a Dallas physician.

  • Represented a North Texas health care facility in a lawsuit involving mechanic’s liens affidavits.

  • Handled a divorce for a Dallas physician involving the division of fourteen real properties and the medical practice as well as substantial retirement assets.

  • Represented an owner of a Dallas minority owned construction firm in litigation over a payment dispute.

  • Represented a North Texas commercial entity in a collection action.

  • Represented a well-known Dallas custom furniture design and manufacturer in a commercial dispute with a local health care facility.

  • Represented a Dallas real estate investor in a dispute with the owner of a local major sports franchise.

  • Represented a local insurance company against a claim by an ex-contractor.

  • Formed a legal entity for a Dallas real estate developer.

  • Represented a local landscape company in a collection action.

  • Represented a prominent Dallas real estate investment firm in a claim by a former partner.

  • Represented a North Texas carpet and flooring company in the sale of its operations.

  • Represented the mother in an interstate paternity proceeding involving Texas and New York law as well as international abduction laws.

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