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Purchase and Sale Agreements


Dallas Purchase and Sale Agreements Attorney

rv park purchase agreement

We Help With Purchase and Sales Agreements

Business purchase and sales agreements, are legal contracts that transfer ownership from the seller of a business entity to a buyer. This type of agreement contains provisions that govern the terms of sale.


When it comes to the purchase and sale of a business, the devil really is in the details. If you’re a party to this type of transaction, you need a well-drafted agreement to protect your interests.


Our Dallas real estate lawyer specializes in the purchase and sale of small to medium sized companies including construction, landscaping, and other service-oriented entities, as well as self storage facilities. 

Various types of purchase and sale agreements exist, so it is important to find an attorney who is cognizant of different business transactions and who can adapt quickly if terms change during the negotiation process.


Your situation might involve the merger and acquisition of one entity into another or the transfer of ownership of a closely-held business owned by a single individual, a family or a small group of partners. To create a valid agreement, the parties must agree on the essential terms of the transaction, including the consideration provided by each side. A purchase and sale agreement binds both sellers and purchasers to the transfer of the business and puts in writing the essential details of the transaction. Both parties benefit from having a well-drafted, enforceable agreement that clearly spells out each side’s rights and obligations. 

When creating a purchase and sales agreement, in order to purchase a self-storage business or RV Park, you should have someone with experience on your side. I use my legal knowledge and decades of experience as a Dallas real estate attorney negotiating, analyzing and drafting purchase and sale agreements to form an agreement that meets my clients’ needs, while minimizing the grounds for legitimate misunderstanding.

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