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Debt Collections


Dallas Debt Collections Attorney

Dallas Debt Collections Attorney

Debt Collection Attorney Services

The Alford Law Firm, PLLC has extensive background in defending clients against creditors such as banks, the IRS, and credit card companies.

Commercial Debt Collections Help

As an experienced debt collections law firm, we have a strong success rate litigating on behalf of clients who are not being paid for work or sales they have rendered.

We also help companies with debt lawsuits.

Debt Lawsuits cover a variety of issues from debt you may own to lenders, debt you owe to the IRS or credit card debt. Debt lawsuits are brought to clients or others who owe you money and if you are having trouble getting paid. 

​Our process starts with a strong foundation and an aggressive vision. We put your highest needs at the top of our list, right next to the highest quality of education and best value for our services. 

Interested in how we can help?

Contact our Dallas debt collection attorney today!

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